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What to see in Peru besides Machu Picchu

Of course, Machu Picchu still should be on your list !! It has a Magic that will drown your mind to the Inca ruins. But, Peru itself has cultural richness and areas you shouldn’t miss out while you’re there. Here are 12 things you can see while you’re in Peru.

1. Vinicunca

Vinicunca or also called rainbow mountain because its vivid color is a mountain with altitude 5,200 above sea level. Vinicunca has its color from the erosion of sedimentary stones.

Credit: Instagram @zeekyan

2. Cataratas de Gocta, Chachapoyas

Cataratas de Gocta is a waterfall that has two drops. Its existence is known in 2002 after a German, Stefan Ziemedorf explored the area with a group of Peruvians.

Credit: Instagram @perubydrone

3. Monumental Callao

Not so many travelers know about this gem in Lima. Monumental Callao is a place to showcase some of the country’s best street art, contemporary galleries and artists. Definitely fascinating !!

Credit: Instagram @manu_vega_97

4. Punta Hermosa

Peru has the oldest culture of surf in the world with ‘Totora reed horses’ being ridden for up to 3000 years and Punta Hermosa is a part of it. Famous for its beach Punta Hermosa will sweep your feet away to the sea.

Credit: Instagram @alearredondo_

5. Awana Kancha

Awana Kancha is a stunning small village. In this village they demonstrate a traditional weaving technique..psst.. you can also learn from them.

Credit: Instagram @travellingwithus

6.Lake Parón

Lake Parón is the largest lake near the Peruvian Andes. It has bluish water and surrounded by the snowy mountains peak. This lake is absolutely gorgeous.

Credit: Instagram @perubydrone

7. Cusco

Cusco is the world’s ninth tallest city with a population over 100,000 where the street art has its life here …

Credit: Instagram @geocusco

8. Lake Titicaca

Titicaca in Andean belief means the birthplace of the Sun. As its name, Lake Titicaca has an extraordinary view of traditional villages and boats which you’ve never seen before. The scenery is like you’re being brought back to the past.


9. Local market

Not to miss is the local market in Peru. Talk to the local people and taste local food, fruit, and anything you could find. I believe it gives colors to your journey.

Credit: Instagram @ChristopherTestani

10. The Paracas Desert

The Paracas Desert is a national conservation. You can also set up a romantic dinner in the desert while watching the stars.

Credit: Instagram @howfarfromhome

11. Yagua Tribe

The Yagua Tribe is indigenous people in northeastern Peru. They like to paint their face with blood red seed or known as achiote. It will be an unforgettable adventure to experience living with this tribe.

Credit: Instagram @anamfoto

12. Iquitos

Iquitos is a Port City and gateway to the Peruvian jungle. When llama is too ordinary well you can roam the jungle and see the cutest sloth.

Credit: Instagram @ddriendeau

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