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TOP 5 Countries with the Best Rugby Players in 2018

1. New Zealand

New Zealand has been eight years at the top world rugby rankings. No wonder since Rugby is a national sport. The team called themselves all blacks and has won two Rugby World Cups in 2011 and 2015.

All blacks Rugby


2. Ireland

Ireland rugby union team reflected the island of Ireland in rugby union. They won fourteen times in the Six Nations Championship. Ireland also won for the first time in 111 years over New Zealand’s all blacks in 2016 with score 40-29. Ireland won the second rank in world rugby rankings in 2015 and 2018 after winning 2018 Six Nations Championship.

Irish Rugby 2018


3. England

England is the most successful team in the tournament history. They won Six Nation Championship of total 28 occasions, won Grand Slam 13 times, and Triple Crown 25 times. They ranked third in the world.

England Rugby 2018


4. Australia

Australia Rugby team has a nickname wallabies. Australia have won 316 of 618 matches, they win record is 51%. The wallabies also won three times of the Tri Nations competitions in 2000, 2001, and 2011. Dozens of their players also listed in the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

The wallabies Australia Rugby 2018

Credit: Instagram @rugbycomau

5. Scotland

Scotland are in 5th position in the World Rugby Rankings. Their biggest win is on 13 November 2004 when they defeated Japan with 100-8. Scotland’s strong rivalry is with the English National team where they both compete for the Calcutta Cup. Scotland have won over England in 2018.

Scotland Rugby 2018

Credit: Twitter @ryanwilson89


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