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    TOP 10 Most Bizarre Marriage Laws Around The World!!

    Hi Buzzers!! If you want to get married while traveling probably you should be more careful since some country comes with unexpected marriage laws!! To know more about this marriage laws around the world, check this out.. 1. If you get married in Hong Kong, Your life could be like Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Your […] More

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    10 Excitement Before The Match England VS Croatia

    Hi Buzzers!! So excited for today’s game, who do you think will win? Well England already all out in the first 13 minutes. Score is 0-1, but the winner still hasn’t decided yet! Enjoy the game with some trivia from us!! 1. Girls Which is more exciting England’s win or Channing Tatum get naked? 2. […] More

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    5 Best Travel Apps to Enhance your Travel Experience!

    1. Tourlina For you women who loves to travel solo, this app knows sometimes you’re tired of going solo and need a friend to stroll around the city. Well, if you are not really keen to be accompanied by a male traveller because sometimes you only need a sister figure. Someone who can tell you […] More

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    10 Most Extraordinary Rules in the UK You Must Follow!

    Hi Buzzer! After the enormous goal from Hary Kane in World Cup 2018, we will fall in love with the British for their unexpected surprise! As same as its citizen, the UK also has a lot of unexpected surprise in term of rules which you need to follow! Some of them even quite is […] More

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    7 Most "Terrifying" Mascots Around the World

    1. Glasgow club Partick Thistle’s new mascot Kingsley, England. 2. New Orleans Pelican King Cake Baby, America. 3. Splash #SaveWater mascot, South Africa. 4. Ojinyan, Japan 5. Gajiro, Japan 6. Masha & The Bear?, Russia 7. Yosi Kadiri, Phillipines More

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    5 Luckiest People who Found a Diamond

    1. Erasmus Stephanus Jacob. He found the diamond in Northern Cape in March 1867. He was 15 years old and was playing skipplies (throwing stones). The shiny thing which he thought to be a stone is actually a diamond. It then named Eureka diamond which also believed the first diamond discovery in South Africa. The […] More

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    5 Weirdest Cafe and Restaurant in the World

    1. Cereal Killer Cafe, London If you are Cereal Killer Nerd then this cafe is a perfect place for you to “Kill” around 100 of cereal flavors. To make it more intriguing they also have 30 different varieties of milk and 20 types of toppings. Hmm, Yummy… 2. Alcatraz E.R. Prison Cafe, Japan Nothing can […] More

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    TOP 10 People Rockin’ on Their Red Nose Day


    1. This dramatic pirate in the middle of the second row. Yes we all have that one friend… 2. This cute gang … Wait where did the flamingo come from? It looks like mine?! 3. These Hottest Clown goes to these two buddies who match everything…in red. 4. Even people from another galaxy know how […] More