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    7 Most Beautiful Nature You Will Find Only in Turkey

    1. Kackar Mountains Kackar mountains is a mountain range that rises above the black sea coast in Turkey. Kackar mountains is beautiful with its diverse wild flowers and lush green valleys that will make you relax. 2. Mount Chimaera In Mount Chimaera is believed to be the origin of the monster Chimera. There is an […] More

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    5 Unique Places to Visit Once in Your Lifetime

    1. Salvation mountain, California. This mountain is a large scale artistic artwork that covering a hill in California. The color blends perfectly and gives you an instant yet dramatic fantasy world. The creator of this masterpiece is Leonard Knight, a local citizen. If you feel down or need a boost of spiritual life, this is […] More

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    The Three great Empires: Ottoman, Savafid, and Mughal

    1. Ottoman Empire The Ottoman Empire was a state that occupied southeastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries. The Ottoman empire was the pioneer in using gunpowder firearms. It was in the 14th century, the Ottoman embraced this new weapon and formed permanent troops specialized in the manufacturing […] More