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    5 Amazing and Shocking Truth of Matrilineal Tribes Around the World

    1. The Minangs The Minangs is a tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are considered as the largest matrilineal society in the world. Even though most of them are Moslem which should follow patrilineal lineage but some locals still practice their matrilineal lineage as a culture. The custom called adat perpatih set properties like house and […] More

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    Lenape: Intriguing Facts of New Yorker's Indigenous Tribe

    Lenape was indigenous tribes who lived in Lenapehoking. Lenapehoking included Delaware and expanded to Long Island until Hudson Valley in present-day New York. Lenape has a meaning as “Indian or man”. This indigenous tribe also called Delaware because the first time the English met this tribe they were living in Delaware River. Photo by : […] More

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    What to see in Peru besides Machu Picchu

    Of course, Machu Picchu still should be on your list !! It has a Magic that will drown your mind to the Inca ruins. But, Peru itself has cultural richness and areas you shouldn’t miss out while you’re there. Here are 12 things you can see while you’re in Peru. 1. Vinicunca Vinicunca or also […] More

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    Bajo Tribe : A Story of Great Divers

    Your favorite sport is diving? Then you should know this ancient tribe who make diving as their heartbeat. They are the Bajo People or Sama-Bajo tribe. They are also labeled as sea-gypsies or sea-nomads because they make the sea as their home. They live in a hut floating in the sea. Credit : Photo by […] More