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    7 Skills You Need to Have in College Besides Study!

    Buzzers, what do you think about college’s life? Some of you probably will be thinking about the dorm, college party, or a Summa Cum Laude you are willing to achieve. That is why college students sometimes too busy socializing or too busy studying. Well I must say both are not good for you, as a […] More

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    7 Tech Innovations in 2018 that Will Change the Future!

    1. AI powered Robot Microscope These Robotic cameras are developed and powered with AI by IBM. The purpose is to collect the data from microscopic plankton about the level of chemical pollution in water to the water temperature. The data then analyzed to give real time insights so we can have the right solution in […] More

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    7 Best Work Out Apps You Need To Install Right Now!

    1. 8Fit Work Out and Meal Planners What so interesting from this app is the workout only takes around 20 minutes. The app also combines work out with a meal plans! We all know nutrition takes an important role in build your muscles, so this app is worth to try! 2. JEFIT Work Out Tracker, […] More

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    5 Best Travel Apps to Enhance your Travel Experience!

    1. Tourlina For you women who loves to travel solo, this app knows sometimes you’re tired of going solo and need a friend to stroll around the city. Well, if you are not really keen to be accompanied by a male traveller because sometimes you only need a sister figure. Someone who can tell you […] More

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    What's Now in Technology? 4 Things You Need to Know!

    1. NASA Astrobee Robots Astrobee Robots is made to help the astronauts work faster and productive. This mini flying robot is inspired by training droids in Star Wars. The duty of Astrobee robots is measuring noise levels, shooting video, and testing the carbon dioxide concentration. 2. Marathon Targets Marathon Targets is a startup who made […] More

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    7 Smartest Gadgets that Will Help Your Marriage Life in 2018!

    Buzzers, for you who have been married, you totally aware that “House Chores, Cooking, and Missing items” can be the biggest threat to your marriage life! It can trigger unnecessary arguments after a long day at work or a romantic holiday..ugh scary…well don’t worry in 2018 there will be a lot of new high tech […] More

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    7 Best Free Apps to Make Your Kids A Tech Savvy!!

    1. Codeable Craft Codeable Craft is used by kids to make a simple animated story. The themes in this app are general so kids can use their imaginations freely. This app is a start in teaching kids programming especially for kids in K-3 grades. 2. is code tutorials delivered to kids learning coding […] More

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    7 StartUps that Give a Better Future for Society !!

    1. Zipline In the time of conflict and natural disasters, sometimes distribution of medicines could take a longer time. Thanks to Zipline, this startup comes with a brilliant idea which can save people’s lives. They used a drone to bring the medicines when the road is inaccessible. As easy as sending a text message, health […] More

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    5 Coolest Robots to Educate Your Kids in Technology !!

    1. Zoob Bot Zoob Bot is designed for children age 6 years old. This robot kit is an honor winner in NAPPA children’s competition. It’s a beginner kit so easy to build and play. The fun in play this robotic model is you can transform it into any shapes that you like. It also occupies […] More