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    5 Child Prodigies that Can Blow Your Mind !

    Hi Buzzers!! Do you know what is a child prodigy? Child prodigy is a child under age of ten who has same skill and meaningful output with the same level as an adult expert performer. Here is 5 children who began their career in a very young age and considered as an expert because of […] More

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    7 Best Free Apps to Make Your Kids A Tech Savvy!!

    1. Codeable Craft Codeable Craft is used by kids to make a simple animated story. The themes in this app are general so kids can use their imaginations freely. This app is a start in teaching kids programming especially for kids in K-3 grades. 2. is code tutorials delivered to kids learning coding […] More

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    5 Coolest Robots to Educate Your Kids in Technology !!

    1. Zoob Bot Zoob Bot is designed for children age 6 years old. This robot kit is an honor winner in NAPPA children’s competition. It’s a beginner kit so easy to build and play. The fun in play this robotic model is you can transform it into any shapes that you like. It also occupies […] More