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    10 Superpowers You Don't Realize You Have in Your Body !!

    Buzzers do you realize that your body is so perfect and strong? Well apparently human body has been designed with superpowers!! It is probably not as the one you imagine but still it is quite marvelous…so here’s 10 superpowers you don’t realize you have in your body! 1. Your stomach acid can dissolve a Razor […] More

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    10 Most Funny People with Weirdest CV Which Actually Work!!

    Hi Buzzers!! We all know how it is soo hard in making an impressive CV that can land us a job! Sometimes we are searching here and there and mostly the basic rules say that we shouldn’t put our social media, our witty hobby, only have black and white CV, don’t put too many colors […] More

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    10 Optical Illusions that Makes You Need to Look Twice !!

    1. How many people in this picture? 2. You really need to slow down if you don’t want to bump into something. Well, actually you won’t bump into anything since this is painted 3 D Zebra cross in Iceland. 3. Can you count her fingers? 4. There’s no limit for fantasy as there’s no limit […] More

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    TOP 10 People Rockin’ on Their Red Nose Day


    1. This dramatic pirate in the middle of the second row. Yes we all have that one friend… 2. This cute gang … Wait where did the flamingo come from? It looks like mine?! 3. These Hottest Clown goes to these two buddies who match everything…in red. 4. Even people from another galaxy know how […] More