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    8 Illustrations Describe a Perfect Single Life !

    Buzzers, are you single? Well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, in fact sometimes we just love it! When our friends busy scheduling weekend dates, we can just lay back and relax! Not wasting time in queuing to see that movie or to go to that hair saloon. But of course sometimes […] More

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    10 Optical Illusions that Makes You Need to Look Twice !!

    1. How many people in this picture? 2. You really need to slow down if you don’t want to bump into something. Well, actually you won’t bump into anything since this is painted 3 D Zebra cross in Iceland. 3. Can you count her fingers? 4. There’s no limit for fantasy as there’s no limit […] More

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    12 Ridiculous World’s Sign Posts You Need to See !!

    1.When you get tired of your mom.. Credit : Instagram @stayathomemum 2.When your grandmother insisted to help your business… Credit : Instagram @lifeunrefined 3.When I couldn’t agree more… Credit : Instagram @artbyhosannah 4.When your advertisement is the main reason of people going Vegan.. Credit : Instagram @rob_braddick 5.When you have an identity crisis so you […] More