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    Education: A Scarcity Felt by Impoverished Children

    Education, even though we all know how important it is but the source for education is limited. For us who lived in first world country, we can rely to at least technology such as free education websites to learn new skills. But, the impoverished children rarely get this access. For them, education is a luxury […] More

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    5 Amazing Books that Will Make Your Children Love Maths!!

    1. The Multiplication Tables Coloring Book This book will combine the things that they love with the thing they haven’t loved yet. Yes! Coloring and Maths! With coloring the children can have fun while the parents teach the children about their time tables. If you have children age 6 then this is their  first math […] More

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    How to Handle Tantrum in 7 Simple Steps!

    Hi Buzzers! Kids are not a stranger for a tantrum. In fact, most of us also do it somewhere in our childhood and it’s normal. Parents must understand that the reason kids throwing a tantrum is because they still developing their sense and feels. Sometimes, they don’t know how to ask something since they only […] More

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    5 Inspiring Books to Read this Summer with Your Teens !!

    Buzzers, in this world where technology grows rapidly and everything gets too practical, we sometimes forget to hang out with our kids and teach them on how to be kind and how to love. Most of us lose the time of our life doing something not worth that much, kids need their parents figure. Play […] More

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    TOP 10 People Rockin’ on Their Red Nose Day


    1. This dramatic pirate in the middle of the second row. Yes we all have that one friend… 2. This cute gang … Wait where did the flamingo come from? It looks like mine?! 3. These Hottest Clown goes to these two buddies who match everything…in red. 4. Even people from another galaxy know how […] More

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    5 Best Language App For a Fun and Easy Learning !!

    1. Mindsnacks If you’re bored by the usual language learning by text or books and look forward to something Fun and Refreshing then Mindsnacks could be your best answer! This app put a fun learning through games and audio clips. A unique algorithm will help you create your own pace and personalize your experience. You […] More

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    5 Best Fun & Interactive Sites for Kids !

    As a parent, we know that keeping our busy schedule plus accompany our kids could be a hard task. Studies say only 2% of people very fortunate enough to have multitasking skills, the other 98% tend to do a lot of mistakes and need more time to fix it.   Then, what if the distraction […] More