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    7 Lovely Travel Gems You Should Visit in Spain

    1. Cies Islands White sands, crystal water, spectacular lagoon and greeny trees? Welcome to Cies Island in Galicia. The beauty of this island is very famous even the Romans said Cies islands as the islands of Gods. You can get there by ferry from Vigo, Cangas, and Baiona. For daily trips the ferry is available […] More

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    5 Most Romantic Beaches Around the World!

    Hi Buzzers! Ugh if you feel what I feel during this crazy heatwave! Well luckily not all things bad..what we have waited in Summer is Vacation and Beaches!! Here are the 5 most romantic beaches that should be in your bucket list!! 1. Eagle Beach in Aruba Eagle beach or Arend beach in Aruba is […] More

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    4 Scariest Islands in Real Life You Should Dare To Visit !!

    1. Ilha da Queimada Grande This is an island off the coast of Brazil which is not inhabited by humans. The snake takes almost all area in this island. Every 1 meter you will encounter with 1 snake at least. The type of snake that inhabits this island is Bothrops insularis (golden lancehead pit viper), […] More