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    5 Most Romantic Beaches Around the World!

    Hi Buzzers! Ugh if you feel what I feel during this crazy heatwave! Well luckily not all things bad..what we have waited in Summer is Vacation and Beaches!! Here are the 5 most romantic beaches that should be in your bucket list!! 1. Eagle Beach in Aruba Eagle beach or Arend beach in Aruba is […] More

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    The History of Handshake and How to Perform It All Over the World

    Buzzers! We all are familiar with this small gesture; a handshake. We do it almost in every aspect of our life, in office, family, friendship..we just did unconsciously. But, do we really know why a handshake become a regular norm or culture? Apparently, it all dated back to the 5th century BC in Greece. It […] More

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    The 5 Oldest & Greatest Bridge in the World

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there are oldest bridges in the world that are still in use today? Some even built in 3,000 years ago. Next time when you travel to these countries you could visit those bridges too. Happy reading! ūüôā 1. Arkadiko Bridge, Greece This bridge was built in Greek Bronze Age. […] More