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    Summer Solstice : Where to Visit from Countries around the World?

    Summer solstice happens when planets rotational axis or geographical pole on either Northern or Southern Hemisphere. It’s also called by midsummer where you can enjoy the longest day of the year! In Northern hemisphere the summer solstice will be in June around June 20 & 22. Luckily if you can’t celebrate the summer solstice in […] More

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    10 FUN Facts about Finland You Might Want to Know

    Do you know which country that was under Swedish rule for 600 years ? Was inhabited when the last ice age ended around 9000 B.C ? A home of our Santa Claus and Rudolph ? And has land borders in the east with Russia? .. if you guess it’s Finland then you guess right !! […] More

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    Aurora Borealis : 15 Facts about This Magical Spectrum

    1. When the temperature of the Sun fluctuating, particles escape from the sunspot regions on the surface creates particles of plasma known as solar wind into space. Credit: Photo by Instagram 2. These Solar winds will reach earth in 40 hours and paint the earth’s sky with its colors known as the Aurora borealis. […] More