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    7 Ghost Towns Around The World You should Visit !!

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there is lots of uninhabited town in the world? It’s quite weird in the time people need homes but this town with a complete structure just being left like that. Many reasons why the town is being abandoned, it could be because of natural disaster, the war, pollution and […] More

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    7 World Heritage Site that Might Be Will Disappear in the Future

    1. Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria Vienna has witnessed of early Celtic and Roman settlements into the medieval and baroque city. Later became the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is a city full of baroque architectures such as Baroque castles and gardens also 19th century Ringstrasse. The city with its historical values is threatened […] More

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    Gold : An Everlasting Temptation for Mankind

    Gold is a precious metal from the ancient history. It’s a symbol of power, wealthyness, status and prestige even until now. In ancient  Egypt the map of gold mine was existed since 19th Dynasty or around 1200 – 1300 BC. The gold has been plentiful in Egypt according to Egyptian hieroglyphs in 2600 BC which […] More