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    10 Witching History Facts about Tunisia that You Need to Know!

    1. The word Tunisia is sometimes believed to be associated with Tanith or Tunit from the Goddess of the ancient city of Tynet. 2. Before they named it Tunisia, the name is Ifriqiya or Afrika which become the name of present-day Afrika continent. 3. You can see the Carthage ruins here as in 149 BC […] More

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    10 Catchy Facts You Could Find in Nevada

    1. Gambling was legalized in Nevada by Governor Fred Balzar in March 1931. 2. The First Casino was the Pair-O-Dice Club which opened on Highway 91 in 1931. 3. Rhyolite is the name of a ghost town in Nevada. The town was declined because of the falling of ore production. It was abandoned after 1906 […] More

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    Edgar Müller: The Magic Comes to Life in 3-D Street Painting

    Edgar Müller is one of the world’s top 3-D illusionist painters. He was born in Mulheim a der Ruhr in Germany in 1968. He devoted himself to the street paintings by the age of 25. He was traveling all around Europe in order to make the street as his canvas. He got enthusiasm from the […] More

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    7 Ghost Towns Around The World You should Visit !!

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there is lots of uninhabited town in the world? It’s quite weird in the time people need homes but this town with a complete structure just being left like that. Many reasons why the town is being abandoned, it could be because of natural disaster, the war, pollution and […] More

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    "Miraculous Taiwan through its Vibrant Village"

    The fast-paced development in a country should give a little extra sacrifice. Most of these sacrifices are in the form of plots of land. The land is needed to build the majestic tall buildings and the facilities surround it. Then, how the government could get this land? Well usually the government will give compensation for […] More

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    5 Backstory about The City of Los Angeles

    1. The Tongva Indians Circa 500 AD, The Tongva Indians come to Los Angeles and displaced the Chumash. Their main village was Yang Na which the location today is near Los Angeles City Hall. 2. Mexicans 11 families with 44 Mexicans settle by the river in 1781. The settlement then named El Pueblo Sobre el […] More