Our daily dose of amusing reads

Our daily dose of amusing reads

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  • 7 Skills You Need to Have in College Besides Study!

    Buzzers, what do you think about college’s life? Some of you probably will be thinking about the dorm, college party, or a Summa Cum Laude you are willing to achieve. That is why college students sometimes too busy socializing or too busy studying. Well I must say both are not good for you, as a […] More

  • TOP 10 Things You Should Not Do in Canada !!

    Hi Buzzers!! Do you know what you should not do while you are in Canada? Apparently Canada has weird rules on what you should not do there. But hey..knowing those rules is better than go to jail or pay a fine! So here’s top 10 things you shouldn’t do in Canada.. 1. Do Not Swear […] More

  • 7 Strange Myth That Occurs When It's Blood Moon


    Hi Buzzers, Prepare yourself to see the magnificent phenomenon Super Blood Moon on 27th July 2018. Different from a solar eclipse, super blood moon can be seen with a naked eye! It also can be viewed from every part of the world. But Buzzers, do you know that there is several myths surrounded a blood […] More

  • 10 Superpowers You Don't Realize You Have in Your Body !!

    Buzzers do you realize that your body is so perfect and strong? Well apparently human body has been designed with superpowers!! It is probably not as the one you imagine but still it is quite marvelous…so here’s 10 superpowers you don’t realize you have in your body! 1. Your stomach acid can dissolve a Razor […] More

  • Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from around the World- Part 8

    1. Barbagiuan, Monaco This appetiser is mainly found in the principality of Monaco and the eastern part of the French Riviera, as well as some areas of northern Italy. A blend of Mediterranean flavours, inspired and influenced by French cuisine. There are two elements to Barbagiuan, the pastry and the filling. The two main ingredients that […] More

  • 8 Great Reasons on Why You Need To Visit Antarctica !

    Hi Buzzers!! What’s in your mind when you heard the word Antarctica?? Ice? Penguins? Titanic? Lol…Antarctica has more than that !! Check out this 8 reasons to know more … 1. Update your Physics lesson! You can experience a glowing Halo in Antarctica. This optical illusion is made by ice crystal and the Sun! You […] More

  • TOP 10 Cats Which are Overly Dramatic Just Like You !

    Hi Buzzers!! If you are a Cat Lovers, you must be know that they are such a drama Queen!! From a non-stop meowing to bizarre acting, they never failed to make you frowned with a silent tears. Well, not all bad sometimes their bizarre actions will make you laugh too!! So here’s top 10 overly […] More

  • TOP 7 Dazzling Tourist Attractions in China

    Hi Buzzers!! China has more than palaces, It also offers unique attractions and diverse nature such as sand dunes and mountains! You will be amaze by the beauty of nature you will see here!! 1. Singing Sand Dunes The singing sand dunes is a unique tourist attraction in Dunhuang. If you slide on the sand […] More

  • 7 Tech Innovations in 2018 that Will Change the Future!

    1. AI powered Robot Microscope These Robotic cameras are developed and powered with AI by IBM. The purpose is to collect the data from microscopic plankton about the level of chemical pollution in water to the water temperature. The data then analyzed to give real time insights so we can have the right solution in […] More

  • Top Must Visit Tourist Places in Pakistan

    1. Hunza Valley With its breathtaking weather, Hunza valley offers you 9 other beautiful places to have your feet on. Rakaposhi is the first centre of attraction with its enchanting beauty and curvy cliffs. Then comes Karimabad, Famous for its diversity of culture and welcoming people, Karmiabad has become one of the ‘Hot’ places to […] More

  • 7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth!!

    Hi Buzzers!! There are lots of unexplained things happen in the world. From UFO to missing person or civilization, we must aware that our earth has secret awaited to be revealed. So Buzzers, despite its haunted story, here is 7 most mysterious places on earth which you probably should dare to visit!! 1. Sailing Stones, […] More

  • Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from around the World- Part 7

      1. Khoresht, Iran  It’s one of the most popular foods in Iranian gastronomy. A reason for the popularity of Khoresht Gheimeh is that, in most religious occasions and ceremonies in Iran, it’s one of the most common dishes cooked and distributed as a votive food. Khoresht is the Persian equivalent for stew. In some […] More

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