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"Miraculous Taiwan through its Vibrant Village"

The fast-paced development in a country should give a little extra sacrifice. Most of these sacrifices are in the form of plots of land. The land is needed to build the majestic tall buildings and the facilities surround it. Then, how the government could get this land? Well usually the government will give compensation for the residents and they move to other places. But, it’s not that easy sometimes to leave a place where has a lot of memories for you.

This is also what made a former soldier from Nantung district in Taiwan refused to leave his house. He is Mr. Huang Yung Fu, he was a soldier and given a temporary house in honor for his dedication to the military. Many houses in that area become too old and for the sake of development, developers began to buy up the land.

Many residents moved but Huang chooses to stay. He then began to paint houses with vibrant colors without the help of anyone in his efforts to save it against demolition. His works then become a Street Art in Nantung District, Taiwan. His village named as ” Rainbow Village ” and now become a tourist attraction in Taiwan.Here is the Street Art Galleries of this Wonderful old man, enjoy Buzzers !!

1. First all, let me introduce you to Mr. Huang

Credit: Photo by Instagram @stevanyifw

2. The Teddy Bear will greet you

Credit: Photo by Instagram @realsuzhan

3. The village also has a unique street performance who will sing a song for you

Credit: Photo by Instagram @nycoffeecup

4. They don’t forget to paint the road !! What an effort !!

Credit: Photo by Steven Barringer

5. Love corner

Credit: Photo by Instagram @realsuzhan

6. The merchandise with Grandpa’s drawing

Credit: Photo by Instagram @realsuzhan

7. Just like a house from Hansel & Gretel

Credit: Photo by Instagram @realsuzhan

8. The vibrant colors make this village a happy place

Credit: Photo by Instagram @ondrej.gracias

9. I wonder where this pathway takes me to.

Credit: Photo by Steven Barringer

10. Okay, so will you consider to live here Buzzers?

Credit: Photo by Instagram @realsuzhan

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