Kim Il Tae, The Gold Painter and Love for the Eastern Philosophy

Kim Il Tae is a 59 years old artist from South Korea. Just like every artist, he has up and down, especially when he tried to go through a new art market like America. In the middle of his struggle, his mother who is an Art teacher gave him a suggestion to paint in 24-carat gold.

Apparently, Gold has been desired, a symbol of power and elites since ancient Civilization. He also wants people who see his paintings feel connected instantly and for his paintings to stay eternal for thousand years.

But, the beauty of his paintings is not merely on the pure 24-carat gold as an Art Media but also for the Eastern Philosophy behind it. Here are the stories of his 5 paintings you might not have known.

1. Golden Dragon

In traditional China, a Dragon is a symbol of nobility, auspicious and supremacy. The golden dragon itself is a symbol of Fortune and prosperity.

2. Golden Horse

Golden horse is a picture of auspicious in the traditional Chinese culture. In Chinese, there’s a saying “一马当先” (Yīmâdāngxiān ) or “One Lead”. It means taking the lead and victory against the competition.

3. Double Golden Horses

In Chinese, there’s a saying 双马飞腾 (shuāng mâ fēiténg ) or twin horses which are related to great talents and two souls work together in a union to become a great leader.

4. Eight Golden Pigs

The year of the golden pig is believed as a year of good wealth in Chinese folklore. It also symbolizes a fertility, prosperity and harmonious family life. The joyful occasion in life is when a childbirth.

5. Eight Golden Horses

These horses are seen in ancient China also as a symbol of energy and vitality. The legend says that King Mu of Zhou (976-922 BC) had eight horses to travel around the world. Those eight horses have a special ability to help him with greater achievement during his reign.

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