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Jiri Mountain : A South Korean Hidden Gem

Many tourists travel to Korea because of recent spread of Korean Pop Culture. The  Gangnam and Seoul becomes the most visited cities in South Korea. But, if you are a truly adventurer at heart, you should try to hike the Jirisan or we know as Jiri Mountain. The mountain itself is the second-tallest mountain in Korea with 1, 915 meters high. You can see seven major Buddhist temple on Jiri Mountain, also a Korean hidden gem since this mountain contains several national treasure mostly from 600 – 900 CE. This Korean gem also not limited in the scenic views you can enjoy while hiking to top. Here are several images which can inspire you to hike this mountain Buzzer !!

1. The blush of foliage during autumn

Autumn foliage in Mount Jiri, South Korea

Credit : Instagram @wild_outdoorsman

2. The clear and fresh river along with Jirisan ridge hike

River in Mount Jiri, South Korea.

Credit : Instagram @the_traveling_toad

3. Beautiful old temple

Temple in Jiri Mountain, South Korea

Credit : Instagram @kociamberwpodrozy

4. Wild Berries

Red Berries in Mount Jiri, South Korea.

Credit : Postit

5. Blooming white Sakura

Sakura in Mount Jiri, South Korea

Credit : Postit

6. The trekking sign


Credit : Postit

7. It’s Spring season in Jirisan

Flowers in Mount Jiri, South Korea

Credit : Postit

8. Spring breeze


Credit : Postit

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