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Gold : An Everlasting Temptation for Mankind

Gold is a precious metal from the ancient history. It’s a symbol of power, wealthyness, status and prestige even until now. In ancient  Egypt the map of gold mine was existed since 19th Dynasty or around 1200 – 1300 BC. The gold has been plentiful in Egypt according to Egyptian hieroglyphs in 2600 BC which King Tushratta described it as more plentiful than dirt. Egypt and Nubia in the ancient times believed to be the pioneer in gold-producing since they have the resources. The proof was The Turin Papyrus Map which  showed the plan of gold map in Nubia along with its local geology.


Gold also has been associated with a perfect and divine principle along with its holiness and evilness forms. For example in the statue of a golden calf which shows divine entity in a form of gold but also a disobedience to God. Wedding rings are also made of gold which shows eternal vow and sacred relationship united by God.

Those values that this substance possessed are so unique that almost no other things can create the same value as this. Even nowadays, great human achievement still measured with gold. Let’s say gold medals, trophies, Olympic, Nobel prize, Oscar.

In Islamic study, gold is forbidden but only for Moslem men. Apparently it was found that gold can affect men’s fertility since in the samples studied, the amount of gold in the semen was found to be in the range of 0.32 to 1.92 µg/ml with a mean value 0.89 µg/ml. The absorption of gold ray does not apply on women since their skin has a layer of fat  which doesn’t exist in men.

Even if the finding prove a healthy concern for this subtance, Gold keep wanted by most of people either it’s men or women. They hunt it in every form of jewelry, investment, clothes… even in millennials era it comes in a form of food !! Does this “Not so rare thing” showing that they are not valuable anymore ? Well I don’t think so,  Gold is an everlasting temptation and will always be.

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