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    7 Strange Myth That Occurs When It's Blood Moon


    Hi Buzzers, Prepare yourself to see the magnificent phenomenon Super Blood Moon on 27th July 2018. Different from a solar eclipse, super blood moon can be seen with a naked eye! It also can be viewed from every part of the world. But Buzzers, do you know that there is several myths surrounded a blood […] More

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    Top Must Visit Tourist Places in Pakistan

    1. Hunza Valley With its breathtaking weather, Hunza valley offers you 9 other beautiful places to have your feet on. Rakaposhi is the first centre of attraction with its enchanting beauty and curvy cliffs. Then comes Karimabad, Famous for its diversity of culture and welcoming people, Karmiabad has become one of the ‘Hot’ places to […] More

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    7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth!!

    Hi Buzzers!! There are lots of unexplained things happen in the world. From UFO to missing person or civilization, we must aware that our earth has secret awaited to be revealed. So Buzzers, despite its haunted story, here is 7 most mysterious places on earth which you probably should dare to visit!! 1. Sailing Stones, […] More

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    5 Oldest Tattoo Shops around The World!

    Hi Buzzers!! Since today is a #NationalTattooDay, Let’s check out these 7 oldest tattoo shop in the World! Probably you’ll get inspired.. 1. Razzouk in Jerusalem The tattoo parlour belongs to Anton Razzouk. His ancestors decided to stay at Jerusalem and open the business around 300 years ago. The most popular tattoo here are cross, […] More

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    Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from around the World-Part 5

    1. Moussaka, Greece The national dish of Greece, Moussaka is an eggplant- or potato-based dish, often including ground meat, in the Levant, with many local and regional variations. Many versions have a top layer made of milk-based sauce thickened with egg or flour.   2. Mahalabiya, Dubai A refreshing pudding, Mahalabiya’s most standout flavours come from rosewater […] More

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    7 Lost Cities in India You Need to Visit

    1. Dvaraka Dvaraka is one of the holy cities in Hinduism. It is believed to be a place of Khrisna, a major deity in Hinduism. Dvaraka became a lost cities because the sea broke the land boundary and submerged the city according to Mausala Parva of the Mahabrata. 2. Kalibangan Kalibangan is located in Rajashtan. […] More

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    10 Moments of Happiness After Croatia Won Semifinals !

    World Cup is can not be predicted, after England leading 1-0 in the first 13 minutes but unfortunately they need to go home. Croatia won the game with a beautiful game ever played! England also all out in this game but probably it’s not their lucky year yet. Well buzzers, if you cherish Croatia last […] More

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    10 Facts About War and The First War in History

    Hi Buzzer! War is a tragedy made by human. War is acceptable in some ways such as to eliminate a tyrant and greater suffering. Even though sometimes we wish war will not happened but it presence is inevitable. Well, here is some facts about war and the first war in history. 1. War comes from […] More

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    The History of Handshake and How to Perform It All Over the World

    Buzzers! We all are familiar with this small gesture; a handshake. We do it almost in every aspect of our life, in office, family, friendship..we just did unconsciously. But, do we really know why a handshake become a regular norm or culture? Apparently, it all dated back to the 5th century BC in Greece. It […] More

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