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    What is Going on in Short People's Daily Life?

    Hi Buzzers!! Are you tall or Short? If you are tall, you make me envy!! I am quite short and struggling in my daily activities! But not all bad, sometimes all the struggle can make me giggle too. These 8 comics by Instagram artist, Three Under The Rain, will give you a peep about what […] More

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    5 Oldest Tattoo Shops around The World!

    Hi Buzzers!! Since today is a #NationalTattooDay, Let’s check out these 7 oldest tattoo shop in the World! Probably you’ll get inspired.. 1. Razzouk in Jerusalem The tattoo parlour belongs to Anton Razzouk. His ancestors decided to stay at Jerusalem and open the business around 300 years ago. The most popular tattoo here are cross, […] More

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    8 Illustrations Describe a Perfect Single Life !

    Buzzers, are you single? Well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, in fact sometimes we just love it! When our friends busy scheduling weekend dates, we can just lay back and relax! Not wasting time in queuing to see that movie or to go to that hair saloon. But of course sometimes […] More

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    Make Art by Aryuna Tardis: Redefining Your True Beauty

    The booming of social media giving the young talents a way to establish themselves. That’s what the Young Aryuna Tardis experienced. At age 23 years old, she make a change for herself and for every girls in the world! That is to be content on what you have. Young girls, you don’t need to be […] More

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    10 Drawings As A Guide To Understand Cats!

    Hi Buzzers, Are you planning to have a Cat? Well, if you want to add this alien fury baby in the family…here is some guide which will make you understand a life with those Aliens!! 1. When your cat happens to be near the window, It means they guard you against something. 2. The way […] More

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    Piet Mondrian and His Concept of De Stijl Movement

    Piet Mondrian is a Dutch painter that recognized as the greatest abstract artist of the 20th century. Mondrian eliminates art from reality and paints only with simple geometric elements. He is a contributor to De Stijl movement art along with Theo Van Doesburg. He created what it calls Neoplasticism in which there is a universal […] More

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    5 Top Countries to See The Magnificent Paddy Field Art!

    1. Japan The rice paddy art or in Japan called as Tanbo Art, is located in Inakadate village in Aomori Prefecture. The gigantic 3 D pictures is drawn in a rice field with a mix of different plants to give colors. The inspiration of the drawing is unlimited but the Japanese love something taken from […] More

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    Facts behind the Fantasies of the Night

    This world is like a roller coaster when we are dreaming. A dream is something that is really amazing, where we can see and experience something beyond reason, the wild and sometimes they can inspire. The actual dream is a mysterious phenomenon and one of the most interesting things that occur in humans. Here are […] More

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