Adel El Siwi : The Living Breath of The Paintings Itself

Adel El Siwi was born in Behera, Egypt. He lives and works in Cairo. In 1970’s he developed his paintings through independent study at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He had emigrated to Europe and North America but drawn by Egypt’s legacy in Art  made him to go back to Cairo in 1990 after he stayed in Milan.

Growing up in Egypt, Adel El Siwi believed that Egypt is part of Africa. I think that’s why from his paintings we can see several human faces in one paintings which I called “Paintings  on Paintings” with different intensity of colors reminding me on how Pablo Picasso depicted “The Old Guitarist”. Pablo Picasso probably did it accidentally but in Adel El Siwi Paintings the story just flow.

You can see it from different angles and from the strong combination of its colors. It’s a mixture of “The Unification of Africa and Egypt” could be in terms of culture, geographic or something else where only the artist can answer. For me, his Paintings are not only just a  beautiful ones but it’s a living pieces as if he gives “soul” to these Paintings. Do you know the feeling of reading someone’s story by just looking at his/her face ? That’s exactly my first encounter with these Paintings. Just by looking at it you almost can feel what this “Faces” have going through and can feel what is in their heart. It could be something they fought for or something that they were longing for.

Here some of his works..enjoy Buzzers and tell me how you feel in the comments below 😉

1. African Princess, 2017.

2. King Akhnaton, 2017.

3. The Invisible, 2014.

4. Woman in Love, 2017.

5. Sunflower Prince, 2017.

6. Queen Nefertiti, 2017.

7. The Fortune Teller, 2017.

Disclaimer : *Comment about the paintings is based on what the author felt by looking at his Paintings and not represent any other group or the artist itself.

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