Our daily dose of amusing reads

Our daily dose of amusing reads

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  • Popular Tasty Global Cuisines, Food Dishes from around the World


    Goulash, Hungary Goulash is a soup or stew of meat, usually seasoned with paprika and other spices. Originating from medieval Hungary, goulash is a popular cuisine predominantly eaten in Central Europe but also in other parts of Europe. Since the 20th century, goulash has been a must-have dish at any Hungarian-inspired restaurant. But for Budapest’s best, […] More

  • TOP 10 Most Confusing Road Signs in the United States!

    Buzzers, have you ever noticed that sometimes we are passing through a confusing road sign in the United States? Well, here’s the top 10 and probably you cancel your driving course by the time you see it Lol! 1. In Washington DC they better put timer on each lane! What we thought: At a first […] More

  • These Top 15 Hilarious Photobombs Will Make Your Day!

    Hi Buzzers!! Taking pictures seems to be a normal routine in our daily life! Before snap a shoot, we have image in mind how the pictures should look like! But, Some people and animals love to ruin a beautiful picture into hilarious ones!! Well, The result is a bit surprising and amusing in the end, […] More

  • These TOP 10 Jokes Will Outrage A Feminist!


    Hi Buzzers!! We all love to hear a funny jokes! But, will jokes ever be inappropriate? Well these ten jokes probably are! Just make sure you only shared it in your inner circles a.k.a bros! Enjoy the list, have a smile, and don’t get too serious…It’s only a Joke !! 1. Can You Spell it? […] More

  • 15 Epic Moments Caught in New York Subway!-Part 2

    1. When someone summoned Anubis, the after life God, in New York.. 2. How an urban zoo looks like..kinda sad.. 3. Now You know where to buy your Pot! 4. Spotted the Frankenstein’s Bride! 5. Mother Mary’s Love 6. Chivalry isn’t dead in New York! but that Cowboy forgot his White horse 7. Asian’s Kung […] More

  • 15 Epic Moments Caught in New York Subway!-Part 1

    1. Have a Sweet dream… 2. I wonder where she is heading. 3. She’s like the champion of the Hunger Games! 4. When the weather forecast said it will rain in all New York.. 5. How Cinderella in New York Subway looks like.. 6. I Captured the New York Subway Ghost rider! 7. When Netflix […] More

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