7 StartUps that Give a Better Future for Society !!

1. Zipline

In the time of conflict and natural disasters, sometimes distribution of medicines could take a longer time. Thanks to Zipline, this startup comes with a brilliant idea which can save people’s lives. They used a drone to bring the medicines when the road is inaccessible. As easy as sending a text message, health workers can tell zipline what they need and they will deliver it through the air…It’s Awesome and less hassle !!

Zipline drone StartUp Tech

Credit: Photo by Reddy

2. Neo Light

Neo Light is giving a hope for mothers and babies across the globe. This medical tech startup is constructed empathy-driven products for newborn health conditions. Their first device is helping to provide care for infants with jaundice. It is an inexpensive incubators for infant.

Neolight Medical StartUp for Jaundice

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3. Holberton School

What is so cool about San Fransisco? Plenty of Coding School…well okay..but can it be even Cooler?? Yes, A free Coding School !! Holberton School is not charging tuition for the enrollment. Instead, students only need to give 17% of their salaries in three years for the development of the institution. That’s better than if you take a tuition loan. It has a comfortable atmosphere because it’s a big place to study together with friends since the school doesn’t employ formal teachers. So, students need to teach other students based on a curriculum with specific projects. Some of their students already hired by  Google, NASA, and LinkedIn.

Holberton Free Coding School

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The founder of this startup is Michael Saylor who was an MIT undergrad in 80s. The purpose of this startup is to make an improvement in education by using technology. They have around 317 free courses which you can choose. The foundation works with consultants from university and college faculty members to design the suitable courses.

Sailor Academy StartUp in Free Education

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5. Studio Roosegaarde

In Studio Roosegaarde, their duty is to make endless innovation dedicate to reduce pollution and energy consumption in big cities. Their designs are including air-purifying bicycles, motion-powered dancefloor, and bioluminescent roads. The most famous is their Smog Free Tower Installation to combat air pollution in Beijing, China.

Smog Free Tech Studio Roosegaarde

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6. Ecosia

Ecosia is a startup which cares about the environmental issues. This is actually an alternative search engine, but they committed to giving 80% of their ads revenue for a sustainable environmental programme such as planting trees across developing world. You must be wondering how many trees they have been planted? Well, so far they have planted 1 tree per two seconds and 43,000 per day !! That’s so cool !! Even in just surfing the internet we can give more contribution to the environment…so Buzzer, would you try it?

Alternate Search Engine Ecosia StartUp

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7. TransferWise

TransferWise is a fintech which has a mission to make international money transfer become borderless. The idea of this startup comes from the owner’s experience when they need to transfer money to several countries and got paid in other currencies. The problem on traditional currencies transfers is the buy and sell exchange rates which the broker takes the difference between the two. While on TransferWise, they want to tackle this problem by matching the transfer with other people and take a small commission using the interbank-mid exchange rates.

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