7 Smartest Gadgets that Will Help Your Marriage Life in 2018!

Buzzers, for you who have been married, you totally aware that “House Chores, Cooking, and Missing items” can be the biggest threat to your marriage life! It can trigger unnecessary arguments after a long day at work or a romantic holiday..ugh scary…well don’t worry in 2018 there will be a lot of new high tech household gadgets. These not only help you in the house but also help you in your marriage life…wonderful, isn’t it?!  Happy reading..

1. Tetra

If you are tired in doing dishwashing and cooking by yourself, you can give all this newly wife responsibility to Tetra. Tetra will be happily wash your dish in only 10 minutes. Besides that, you can also cook lobster in it since the water can heat above any other standard dishwasher.

Smart Dishwasher


2. IGrill2 Complete Master Kit

In marriage we need to learn something new as soon as possible…no, it’s not always fun sometimes. Let’s say Dinner party with your or your husbands colleague including his boss, hmm could be a disaster. 1 or 2 times you can order from a restaurant but it will take lots of money plus it’s not as authentic as homemade food. Thanks for the invention of IGrill2, you should not checking your meat doneness level everytime. The app will suggest you, and alert you if it’s done. No smoky house anymore, Yeayy!!

Smart high Tech Grill

3. XY Find it

Forget where you place your keys, phone, or other items? Well, if you seems to lose everything…don’t worry, you are not having a dementia or something. Sometimes it just happens, since in a marriage you don’t take care of yourself anymore but also take care of people surround you. Luckily, this gadget comes with a remarkable solution. Easy to use, connected to your phone with Geo location…you can just click and check in your phone. Tips: don’t use it to track where your husband or wife is, if you want your marriage last for another 10 years.

High Tech Tracking device


It’s obvious that newly weds sometimes argue about….Savings..Yes!! M.O.N.E.Y!! Car repair, modification or maintenance could be our husband priority than our monthly expense. Well, sad but true sometimes the repair could drain most of the money you have. Especially, if both of you don’t know anything about mechanic so you’ll get scammed. That’s why you need this new device, it is FIXD. The device will act as your personal mechanic since it can diagnose your car problems. No scam, No arguments!

Smartest high tech Fixd app

5. Effie

Running late to the office? And none of your clothes ironed then Effie will be your dearest friend. Effie can iron 12 clothes in one shot and give a perfect sleek result! Now you can use your time for something else such as more snuggle or a long

Smartest Ironing device

6. Grillbots

We all love grilled meats but we all also hate to clean the grill. Have you ever been in an argument about who should clean the grill or probably you just sigh to yourself after family barbeque party? You are lucky still alive in 2018 since this grillbots will handle the cleaning! No scrubbing and waste your energy while you can actually lay back. Grillbots is a robot that equipped with stiff rotating brushes. You can set the cleaning time into 10 to 30 minutes.

High tech Grill Robot Cleaning

7. Dolfi

If you ever fight with your spouse over laundry well now you don’t need to! Washing the laundry will not consume your time, money, and energy anymore! Meet Dolfi, this little gadget will wash your clothes with ultrasonic technology. No damaged clothes are caused by rubbing, stretching or whirling plus you can bring it anywhere. It’s Travel Friendly.

High Tech Machine Wash

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