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7 Most Fascinating Things in Dubai You Shouldn't Miss Out in 2020!!

Dubai, who doesn’t go awww everytime they visit Dubai?! The cities and landmark were built with greater heights, space, and tech which make us can’t lose a single blink from this fascinating town. An amazing concept of architecture now designed as smart as possible to cope with modernity and urban problems such as population, transportation, and pollution. If you plan to travel Dubai in the next 2 years be ready to get stunned !! Here are things you shouldn’t miss out in Dubai…

1. Dubai Frame

Nominated as the World’s Largest Picture Frame, this frame offers a panoramic view of skylines while capturing views from magnificent buildings such as Burj Kalifa. With the height of 150 meters, you can get inside and captured the beautiful town from the frame and glass floor walk. I hope you don’t afraid of height Buzzers!!

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame, UAE

2. X Line Dubai Marina

Are you a fan of a thrilling experience? Have you imagined if you can fly? Well, then you need to visit X Line Dubai Marina. This is again the World’s longest zip line with the 1-kilometer journey from 170 meters height. You will feel the sensation of flying with a speed up to 80 kilometers/hour above this extravagant city.

Dubai Marina, UAE

Dubai Marina, UAE

3. UAE Pavilion

Buzzers if you like futuristic building then make sure you travel to Dubai. Dubai is famous for its futuristic architecture and the Dubai Next Big thing is UAE Pavillion. UAE pavilion will be built in more than 15,000 square meters with four floors. The design itself inspired by a flying falcon which will be a symbol of Emirati culture and future. As its name, it purposely builds as a national pavilion that will host Dubai World Expo in 2020. Inside will have exhibition areas, food & beverages, also  VIP rooms.

Dubai Pavilion, UAE
Dubai Pavilion, UAE

4. Discus Luxury Underwater Hotel

This is a magical and dream come true for most of the High-End travelers out there. This Hotel has a sci-fi concept that for me, it looks like a spaceship base. The hotel consists of two parts. The first part is submerged underwater and consist of guest rooms which will be located 33 feet or 10 meters under the sea. An above-water part is a place for recreation such as spa, multifunctional lobby inside a swimming pool, rooftop garden, and helicopter pad.

Underwater Hotel, Dubai 2020

5. Hyperloop Transportation

Dubai will strike its Mass-transport innovation by the coming of the World’s First Commercial Hyperloop Transportation Technology in 2020. The Hyperloop is a levitating capsule that purposed to carry people and goods in the speed of sound (760 mph). It will connect Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, Dubai, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia. This transportation is an answer to mass transport which is fast & comfortable that will tackle overpopulation, traffic congestion, and pollution. It will be possible since it is using solar panels along the lines and stations.

Hyperloop Transportation Dubai
Hyperloop Transportation Dubai 2020

6. Wasl Tower

Another beautiful skyscraper with a great height will be completed in 2020. The Wasl Tower nominated as the World’s Tallest Ceramic Facade. The building will measure 106,534 square meters and 302 meters height. It will be occupied with offices, hotels, apartments and public areas. What’s so eye-catching about this building is the twisting design of the building and the solar-powered lighting system.

Wasl Tower, Dubai 2020
Wasl Tower Dubai, 2020

7. Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower is mentioned to be the tallest tower in Dubai or even the World. The height is not announce yet but it could be 929-1,400 meters. Well, seem it will compete with the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia that will have 1,000 meters height. Dubai Creek Tower will be located at waterfront area near Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary. It will be used as observation decks and sky gardens. By the presence of this tower in 2020, it surely will replace Burj Khalifa as an iconic tower in Dubai.

Dubai Creek Tower, 2020
Dubai Creek Tower, 2020

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