7 Famous People who Beat Disabilities

Sometimes disabled people have a feeling that they are different from everybody else. The feeling of being alienated could be so strong until they decided to give up everything. But these 7 famous people prove them otherwise, they fight for their dreams and succeed. They are a living proof that you are not different, you even can do much more because you can feel more. Here is the list ..Enjoy Buzzers

1. David Blunkett

He is a former British Politician who is blind since birth. He also comes from a poor family but his disability and situation didn’t stop him to become Education and Employment Secretary, Home Secretary, and Work & Pensions Secretary in Tony’s Blair Cabinet.

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2. Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest inventors of all time. He has approximately 1093 patients in his lifetime. His famous inventions are the durable light bulb, first movie theatre and first power plant. Well, everything didn’t come easy for him. He was not attending school until the late age of 10 because he had dyslexia and partially deaf. His teacher also thought that he was too annoying at school so he was expelled from it. His mother then becomes his educator and gave him a library card as a gift. That’s how he kept learning through books.

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3. John Milton

John Milton is an English poet and the greatest English author. He was writing his poems in several languages such as  English, Greek, Latin, and Italian. He had become totally blind caused by Glaucoma in 1654. His blindness made him dictate his prose which will be copied by his trusted person. His famous poem is Paradise Lost in 1667.

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4. Francisco de Goya

He was a painter with a great expression in his paintings. He also elected as Member of the Royal Academy of Arts in Madrid in 1780. He suffered from several illnesses such as syphilis, encephalitis, malaria, and meningitis. The illness made him permanently deaf and disturb by bizarre visions. Well despite his disability, Francisco Goya continued to paint and made his famous painting “The Nude Maja”.

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5. Lord Byron

He is one of the English greatest poets. He was also a politician. His Famous work is Don Juan,  Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, and she walks in beauty. His work made him as a leading figure in Romanticism. Some of his works also influenced by his disability. He suffered from a condition called clubfoot, a deformity which made him lameness.

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6. Ludwig Van Beethoven

He is one of the world’s greatest composers. He lost his hearing and become deaf as a result of tinnitus, typhus, and autoimmune disorders. Some said it’s also because he had a habit to immerse his head in a cold water to keep him stay awake. Even though the cause of his deafness still unclear, Beethoven chose to rise up. He then becomes the most influential person in the classical era.

Credit: Photo by Wikimedia Commons, Joseph Karl Stieler 1820

7. Helen Keller

She suffered from an illness which might have been Scarlet fever or Meningitis. The illness made her deaf and blind. Hellen learned to communicate and live with her disability. She can identify a person by a   vibration generated from their footsteps. She learned to communicate and names of objects with her mentor, Anne Sullivan. She later becomes the first deaf-blind person to get bachelors of Arts degree. She was also a politician, author, and an activist. She campaigned woman’s suffrage, socialism, labour rights, and several other things.

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