5 Noble Women with Mental Illness in History

1. Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria

Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria was born in Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg. She was the fifth daughter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. She was excellent in literature and devoted herself to it but contrary to her skill she suffered from a Psychological problem such as delusional and obsessive-compulsive disorder where she extraordinary paid attention to cleanliness and only wore whites. Part of her delusional suffering that she believed she had swallowed a grand glass piano.

Credit: / Joseph Karl Stieler

2.  Wen Jiang

Wen Jiang was a powerful woman whose beauty praised in the oldest poetry of China. Her mental illness and a dark secret is her relationship with her own brother Duke Xiang even though at that time she has married with Duke Huan of Lu. When her husband knew about her incest relationship, she orders her son to kill his own father.

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3. Anna of Russia

Anna was known for her cruelty and bizarre personality. When she reigned Aurora borealis appeared in a red bloody color which then taken as “dark omen”. One of her bizarre act was when Anna ordered  Prince Golitsyn to marry her unattractive maid and celebrated the wedding by building ice palace. She put both of them in a cage and paraded around the street. She also told them to stay at the ice palace when it’s freezing winter. Then, She ordered guards to oversee them and told them to make love if they didn’t wish to freeze to death.

credit: Wikipedia/Louis Caravaque

4. Empress Lu Zhi

She married with a founder of Can dynasty, Emperor Lui Bang. She was well known for her tremendous act of killing and her thirst for power. She maintained her authority by killing several Chinese aristocrat families. After her husband died, her obsession is the emperor’s concubines. She killed all his husband concubines in an evil way, one of them is Qizi who is loved dearly by the emperor. She chopped off her hands and feet, scooped her eyes, made her deaf and dumb, then abandoned her in a winery.


5. Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg was a German princess, she married with Gustavus Adolphus who is a Swedish King. Maria had an obsession to give a birth to a baby boy. She suffered from a severe Post-Natal depression knowing that she couldn’t give the King a son. The baby girl then named Christina and the King tried to raise her as a boy. Gustavo very often brought Christina for a military review The depression Maria’s suffering took her in some acts to assassinate Christina by accident.


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