5 Best Language App For a Fun and Easy Learning !!

1. Mindsnacks

If you’re bored by the usual language learning by text or books and look forward to something Fun and Refreshing then Mindsnacks could be your best answer! This app put a fun learning through games and audio clips. A unique algorithm will help you create your own pace and personalize your experience. You can learn seven languages in this app: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese. They also have SAT vocabulary and Kids Vocabulary who is perfect to introduce your 7-12 years old kid with a new language.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great app which has been downloaded by over 100 million users. This app also offers a fun English learning with interactive questions.This app is a pioneer in fun & games language learning. There are around 19 languages from Japanese, Korean, Hebrew until Greek for English speakers !! You can also buy clothes stuff for Duo (the owl in Duolingo)   with Lingots you have every time you have finished a course. You can even play against people from other countries and see who’s the best in a week plus make your own group of friends !! One stop learning and entertainment in one place!

3. Triplingo

Using this app minimize your chance to ” Lost in Translation ” or feeling a bit ” A foreigner ” and even not close to “The Tourist”.. sounds like a good movie for you? Lol. Well, what I want to say is this app is really great when you’re in the middle of nowhere. You won’t even feel like you’re the tourist anymore and can break that language barrier. It’s because you can also learn slang, local culture, and even a live translator..Just in case you don’t know what the girls really mean by saying “Oh I really like you, I wish I could get a boyfriend just like you” in French of course. A single tap and there you have a translator ready to serve you.

4. Memrise

Do you want to be heard as a native speaker of your target language? Then memrise is your go-to App. With 20,000 Native speaker videos, surely will help you to sound like a native speaker. Memrise has 10 language courses from English to Spanish (Mexico). The language study categories also vary from Arts & literature, Math & Science, History & Geography and many more.

5. HiNative

Hi Native is wonderful if you are an exchange student and you haven’t caught up with the language. This app will allow your writing and pronunciation checked by the native speakers. Hi Native is more like a group learning you have after school than a learning app. You will have so much insight into your target language by using this app.

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