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    10 Surprising Facts of New Jersey You Should Know


    1. The capital of car theft in the world is in North Jersey. A lot of cars being stolen in Newark than any other city. 2. The diner capital of the world is in New Jersey. The state has lots of classic dinners you could find anywhere…I guess we shouldn’t afraid of being hungry, Buzzers!! […] More

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    5 Magical Underwater Ruins You Should Not Miss Out !!

    Hello Buzzers, have you ever wondered why there is a city underwater? The ancient civilization drowned because of many factors such as natural disaster and man-made. Even though emerged in the water, the ruins still has its own magic and stand firm in the water. As if they want to be found after a long […] More

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    5 Small and Laziest Dogs could be Your Apartment Friendly

    Dogs are man’s best friend well there’s no doubt in this. If you feel your life kind of dull well I suggest you give love to the animals especially dogs!! They know how to shower you with attention. But, sometimes we think our neighborhood is not suitable for the dogs to be around. The busy […] More

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    7 Enchanting Places for Your Tropical Summer Retreats

    1. Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico Cenote ik kil is located 2 km from Chichen Itza. This beautiful hidden pools has 45.72 meters depth. It’s one of the 3000 freshwater pools in Mexico which quite popular and crowded around tourist. You can go there 10 am in the morning to feel this magical pool for yourself. […] More

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    10 Optical Illusions that Makes You Need to Look Twice !!

    1. How many people in this picture? 2. You really need to slow down if you don’t want to bump into something. Well, actually you won’t bump into anything since this is painted 3 D Zebra cross in Iceland. 3. Can you count her fingers? 4. There’s no limit for fantasy as there’s no limit […] More

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    7 Ghost Towns Around The World You should Visit !!

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there is lots of uninhabited town in the world? It’s quite weird in the time people need homes but this town with a complete structure just being left like that. Many reasons why the town is being abandoned, it could be because of natural disaster, the war, pollution and […] More

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    The 5 Shortest NBA Player in History

    1. Muggsy Bogues (5.3 feet/ 1.60 m) Tyrone Curtis Bogues or also called Muggsy Bogues is the shortest NBA player in history. He played for four teams during his career as a point guard from 1987-2001. 2. Earl Boykins (5.5 feet/ 1.65m) Earl Boykins is the second shortest NBA player in history. He played as […] More

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    7 Amazing Origins of Country Names

    Ever wonder how Countries get its name? Where the name “America” comes from and why it is used as a country name..Well Buzzers, you can find out below! Enjoy! 1. Venezuela Venezuela gets its name because the Spanish expeditions saw the houses built over water and thought it looks like Venice. 2. The Solomon island […] More

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    5 Weirdest Shop In Los Angeles You Will Never Imagine!

    1. Time Travel Mart Just like its name, time travel mart offers things that existed in the past or in the future. It’s anything you need for time traveling..for example, is a canned primordial soup just in case you get back to the primordial era.  This shop also a nonprofit for literature. If you enter […] More

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    5 Great Bowlers who never bowled a no ball

    1. Kapil Dev (INDIA) Kapil Dev (paa Jee) in his career, bowled not even a single no-ball and he is the only Indian bowler to do so. Kapil played 131 Tests and 225 one-day matches. 2. Ian Botham (ENGLAND Ian Botham an all rounder from England, did not bowl a single no-ball. Ian played 102 […] More

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    Mount Fuji : 15 Facts You Might Not Know !

    1. Mount. Fuji is an active volcano and Japan’s Highest Mountain. The volcano recently erupted in 1707. 2. The lava on Mt. Fuji acts an a natural filter for snow and rain falling on the mountain side which produce Fuji Mineral water. 3. Mount Fuji is considered as one of 3 sacred mountains because of […] More

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