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10 Most Unique Things You Will Find Only in Japan

Hi Buzzers!! Everybody already know that Japan is clean even the Koi fish live in a drainage. Japanese is also very discipline and organize…but they still have more than that, They have uniqueness that you can see and taste it with your own sense just like below! Happy reading, Buzzers!!

1. The best offering in a temple when you perform a prayer is coin with holes. The holes are made so it will be easier to carry on a string. That’s before wallet exists.

Tokyo, Japan

2. Japan has a plum paste and whitebait fish as a topping in your Pizza as if pineapple on pizza is not a quirky enough for the Italians.

Japan pizza

3. Japan loves to eat eel but they served it during eel fishing season.

Eel fishing in japan

4. You can get a taste of the desert too in Japan. In Tottori Prefecture, you can ride a camel while strolling around the sand dunes.

Desert in Japan

5. Japan has Ajisai season. Ajisai is Japanese for Hydrangea. In Hakone, there’s a train that goes through hydrangea forest.

Hydrangea season in Japan

6. There is a floating temple in Japan surrounded by 1,000 years old cedar trees. It’s in Mt. Mitoku and uses for monks to train their spirituality.

Floating temple in Japan

7. If you want to make friends in Japan visit an Izakaya!! It’s like pub and bar in more Japanese way!!


8. There is a sand dunes museum in Japan which has marvelous sculptures including liberty, ancient civilizations, and stars wars!!

Sand dunes museum in Japan!1e10!2sAF1QipMz9c9gF6GtyknDXp9RRjX2tkq3wM2e1Z49ECi3&viewerState=lb

9. If other countries has statues that made for history event, in Japan it’s all about anime. In Japan, there is a road that has 150 fine bronze Yokai statues. Yokai is supernatural monster in Japan. It is spreading from JR Sakaiminato Station to Honmachi Arcades. There also people wearing Yokai costumes you can take a pic or dance with them :).

Yokai Street in Japan

10. Japanese people has a unique way to celebrate the reigning emperor. The public holiday will moved to the birth day of the new emperor once the emperor changes.



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