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10 Baffling Euphoria After Royal Wedding

1. The two Celeb Couple; David Beckham and Victoria Beckham who stole the show…They made Royal Wedding as their Catwalk for sure!!

2. Got tipsy and brought a Knife to the London Nightclub because Donald Trump said “London wasn’t safe” is a story from Meghan’s Markle nephew.

3. Huge gap toothed Grin is a Popular thing now. Thanks to the cute Canadian twins who brought Meghan’s Markle trail down the aisle.

4. Champagnes and Toasting Rituals before second celebrations at Frogmore House.

5. No Rules for Celebrity. Top 3 who breaks the rules and flaunt their photos and videos during festivities; Jessica, Priyanka Chopra, and Serena Williams.

6. Actor Idris Elba found out his second career option as…..a DJ!!! He rocks the after party by bringing soul, 1960’s R&B, and 1980’s dance Hits!!

7. Burger Bar stalls, Beer pong…the Royals have an American flavour in the house. Well, who doesn’t like burgers anyway?

8. Massive gins fans goes to Prince Charles and Camilla who took Gin Vermouth Cocktail.

9. Apparently an old song entitled “I wanna Dance with Somebody” still dazzle the newlyweds, Prince Harry and Meghan to the dancefloor!

10. Monogrammed Slippers as a caring gift after hours and hours standing.

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