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10 Astonishing Facts in New Mexico You Need to Know

1. Santa Fe lays on the 7,000 feet or 2,134 meters above sea level, that makes Santa Fe as the highest capital city in the United States.

Santa Fe New Mexico

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2. You could see the most intriguing world’s largest hot air balloon fiesta in Albuquerque every year in October.

Hot Air Balloon Alberquerque

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3. If you are hungry well I think New Mexico is a great place for you since in Las Cruces they have “Whole Enchilada Fiesta”. Basically, it’s the world’s largest enchilada in the first weekend of October.

Enchilada, New Mexico

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4. One of the old public building in America you could see here. It’s The Palace of Governors in Santa Fe that was built in 1610.

Santa Fe

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5. New Mexico has a type of flower called Yucca which they used to make sandals or rope.

Yucca Flower, New Mexico United States

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6. New Mexico once has a law that didn’t allow ” idiots” to vote. Back then it was a term for people diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Voting in New Mexico

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7. If you wear your sombrero while visiting New Mexico then you are prohibited to dance. You can go to jail if you still do so.

Sombrero Party Mexico United States

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8. Don’t carry a lunchbox down the main street in Las Cruces, it’s illegal and you don’t want to look like a boy scout right or Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Junior

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9. In the city of Carrizozo, women should shave!! They should not go out in public if they don’t shave … So girls bring your razor with you !!

No shave women, New Mexico

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10. Another bizarre rule but probably kind of uplifting for couples during lunch break..well besides eating, couples can actually have sex in a parking lot as long as they cover the car’s window. Hmmm, I just hope it’s not my maid who should serve me lunch !!

Parking Lot Sex New Mexico

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