Make Art by Aryuna Tardis: Redefining Your True Beauty

The booming of social media giving the young talents a way to establish themselves. That’s what the Young Aryuna Tardis experienced. At age 23 years old, she make a change for herself and for every girls in the world! That is to be content on what you have.

 Aryuna Tardis

Young girls, you don’t need to be somebody else since you already have that true beauty lies in  you..You only need to embrace it and have fun with it. This is exactly what Aryuna Tardis do with herself which bring her to her success in such young age.

 Aryuna Tardis

Aryuna Tardis, a young girl from Buryatiya, the Asian part of Russia, knew how it feels when you don’t fit in. Growing up in Buryatiya gives her looks with that monolid eyes which more Asian and not like other Europeans she saw in her second home, Petropavlosk Kamchatsky. She was feeling isolated and expressing herself through piercing and body modification until she met with Make Up. Make Up become a tool that liberate her to embrace her true beauty.

 Aryuna Tardis

As a result of her boldness, uniqueness and creativity, Aryuna Tardis  is one of the L’Oreal Colorista Ambassadors. She also succeeded in establishing herself as an  Instagram celebrity, not only that she is also a Make Art Artist and a Model based in Moscow. She works for MAC and other beauty giants. All of her works is inspired by People, Music, and how she felt.

 Aryuna Tardis

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