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HOT 10 Enticing Facts in Michigan You Might Not Know

1. The first United States Presidential Primary Election was held in Michigan in 1910s.

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2. Michigan was the second military armaments producer for the United States during World War II. The first was New York.

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3. The 38th President of the United States, Gerard Ford spent his youth in Michigan. He was born in Nebraska and moved to a home in Michigan.

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4. Michigan is the first state in Union and also the first English speaking country in the world which abolished Death Penalty in 1846.

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5. Michigan acknowledge same sex marriage since 26th of June, 2015.

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6. Michigan has Cereal Capital in the World which is located in Battle’s Creek. Apparently it is home for Cereal brand, Kelloggs.

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7. Michigan has two towns depicted Paradise and Hell. Well, these two town names in fact are Paradise and Hell. Spooky…

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8. Michigan has the only floating Post Office in America called J.W. Westcott II that will delivery mails to ships in the sea.

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9. The first tunnel in the world which connected two countries is in Michigan. Detroit Windsor tunnel and St. Clair Tunnel connect Michigan, United States and Ontario, Canada.

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10. Woodward Avenue in Detroit has the World’s first concrete road. It was build by Robert Douglas Baker in 1908.

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