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Get Closer with Achilles: A Russian, A Cat, A Soothsayer for The World Cup!

Achilles The White Cat will mesmerize everyone with its deep blue eyes and a little Miaw. His name is Achilles and he is a successor of Paul, a world’s famous Mollusc which also a soothsayer for the World Cup. A white cat with blue eyes has a hearing disability or deaf.

Achilles, World Cup 2018

Achilles also has the same problem, but his disability gives him another superpower called Intuition. Achilles is believed to have a strong intuition that can help him predict the winner of the World Cup Match. Anna Kasatkina, a vet, even added that Achilles see with his heart.

Achilles, World Cup 2018

Achilles previously live in St. Petersburg Museum. Before World Cup, he already has a great job too. He holds a position as a Guard-Cat along with other cats in the museum. His duty is to protect the famous St. Petersburg museum from rodents! What a noble duty!

Achilles, World Cup 2018

For his new role, he will move from the museum to the Cat Republic cafe nearby. He also needs to interact with guests during the World’s Cup period. His fortune telling technique includes two bowls with team’s flags. He will choose the one that according to his prediction will be a winner. Hmmm…can’t wait to see the end result!!

Achilles, World Cup 2018

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