Edgar Müller: The Magic Comes to Life in 3-D Street Painting

Edgar Müller is one of the world’s top 3-D illusionist painters. He was born in Mulheim a der Ruhr in Germany in 1968. He devoted himself to the street paintings by the age of 25. He was traveling all around Europe in order to make the street as his canvas. He got enthusiasm from the citizens too and held the elite title of Maestro Madonnari (Master Street Painter). The award was given in the world’s largest street painter gala in Grazie, Italy. 

His remarkable artwork was the image changing from a giant into a fetus in the uterus. For that artwork, he used photoluminescent paints which make the image able to change from day to night. It was also considered as the first time in history. Edgar Mueller for his passion in 3 D paintings had created optical illusions that can interact with the audience, make them as a part of his paintings with the different story yet also nourish their heart.

Here is some of his works that will awe you Buzzers!

1. The Caves (Geldern-Germany August 2008)
3-D Paintings, Arts

2. Duality (Teplistan-Moscow, 2010)

3-D paintings, Street Arts

3. Save me (Sarasota-Florida, October 2010)

3-D Paintings, Street Arts
3-D Paintings, Street Arts
3-D Paintings, Street Arts
3-D Paintings, Street Arts
3-D Paintings, Street Arts

4. Tribute to the elements (Gorky Park-Moscow, 2012)

3-D Paintings, street Arts

3-D Paintings, Street Arts

5. Energy (London, Chelsea-Portobello Square 14-31 July 2012)

3-D Paintings, Street Arts

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