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8 Illustrations Describe a Perfect Single Life !

Buzzers, are you single? Well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, in fact sometimes we just love it! When our friends busy scheduling weekend dates, we can just lay back and relax! Not wasting time in queuing to see that movie or to go to that hair saloon. But of course sometimes we wonder where our soul mate is and this artist from Russia, Landysh describes perfectly how single life feels like! Enjoy Buzzers!

1. People should understand that sometimes “raining men” will not change our devotion to ourselves!


2. A guy can’t beat the comfort  offered by  our bed and Pillow every night!!


3. Living a single life means our heart is more sane than our brain.


4. Single life means be a Boss! We can cancel our plans whenever we like!


5. When someone asked you “why are you single?” You can have a lot of witty answers!


6. Single means give yourself all the attention you need!! From praise yourself to shower yourself with gifts!


7. Single means appreciate everything surround you and not only focusing in one thing! That way you will enjoy yourself and your environment more!


8. Well, when you are single for too start imagining your life as a crazy cat lady or crazy cat dad! Even though, it doesn’t harm you but this is a serious red flag! Furthermore, it always fun to have someone beside you that can share the joy in taking care of those cats, right?


Note: If you like the illustrations you can get it in a form of calendar, books, T-Shirt and everything!! Just visit the FB page Lingvistov !! They send worldwide too!

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