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7 Substantial Facts in Juneteenth Independence Day!!

1. Juneteenth day is an American holiday that celebrates the day on 19th June 1985 where it’s announced the abolition of slavery in the U.S State of Texas as well as emancipation throughout confederacy of the Southern United States.

Juneteenth day

2. The emancipation proclamation is actually shouted by President Lincoln on 22 September 1862. It became effective on 1st January 1963.

Juneteenth day

3. But, Texas is like the other confederacy the people who are slaved there, not affected by the proclamation unless they escaped.

Juneteenth day

4. The slave was brought by the planters and other slaveholders who migrated into Texas. The number is increasing after the end of the civil war.

Juneteenth day

5. In Texas, there were 250,000 enslaved people. On June 18, the 2,000 federal troops led by Union Army General Gordon Granger arrived on Galveston Island. They will occupy Texas on behalf of Federal Government.

Juneteenth day

6. On June 20, The contents of General Order No. 3 was read a lot by General Gordon. That announced the freedom of those held as slaves.

Juneteenth day

7. The following year, the freedmen organized the first annual celebration of Juneteenth in Texas. The celebration will include rodeos, street fairs, and singing traditional songs written by African-American writers like Maya Angelou. The song is “Swing Low, Sweet Chariots”.

Juneteenth day

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