5 Most Amazing Kindergarten that will make the Adult jealous !!

How many of parents think that great schools are the ones in a central city, have a marvelous and complete school equipment with bonafide teachers and lots of textbooks? And how many of them trust a school that has a roof from palm-fiber or even no roof at all !! Despite it’s controversial, kindergartens’ architecture nowadays starts coming in various shape, concept, and materials which in the end result makes the adults very jealous.

1. Fuji Kindergarten

Located in Tokyo, this kindergarten transforms early childhood learning into a whole new level. The design is very wide open with an accessible roof so the children can do whatever they like there such as climbing a nearby tree and running around. The design is safe enough for children to play around even though at first you don’t feel quite sure about that. But Hey, children are active creatures so they should not just sit and be nice. The builder, Tezuka architect also said it can encourage socialization between children and values of equality.

Credit: Photo by Katsuhisa Kida

2. Kindergarten Die Katze

This kindergarten is a perfect place for a Cat person, but if your children have ailurophobia *Phobia of cats* that could be a problem. Designed with a shape of a Giant Cat, this kindergarten has a cat mouth as a legit entrance and cool tail on the back of a slide. Inside this kindergarten, it has everything you need from coatrooms, kitchen, dining room, main hall and not to forget classrooms *of course,*. Located in Wolfartsweier, Germany, this kindergarten obviously stunned every kid’s eye’

credit: photo by Adriano Biondo

3. No. 12 Kindergarten, Paradise of Color

The name truly reflects what this kindergarten resemble. Located in Fengtai Beijing, China, this kindergarten decorated the area with rich colors that just pop out from a cartoon movie, Inside Out. Just like the cartoon names, the inside part of this kindergarten also spread by vivid color. You will feel limitless imagination coming to your mind by the time you saw this artistic masterpiece.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Atelier Alter

4. Kindergarten in Xieli Garden

Still from China in the part of Huishan, Wuxi, and Jiangsu, This kindergarten is designed in an elliptical shape which gives a comfortable feeling of learning and gives abundant of direct sunlight. The building also gives a modern urban taste and quite remarkable in the area itself. I believe the children here will enjoy their early childhood learning to the max.

Credit: Photo by Yao Li, Qian Qiang

5. IBUKU Green School Kindergarten

Do you dream of spending your adult time on a beautiful island, with beach, and limitless sunshine every year? The I must say, you have lost my friend. These children do it first !! How cool is that spending your day running and giggles on a beautiful island such as Bali? Yes, this kindergarten located in Badung, Bali. They choose a concept of Back to Nature’s learning with no door but just an open free space. The children will sit in a circular space which will create the senses of unity, togetherness, and calmness. They also use bamboo materials for the “wall” and furniture, and also palm-fiber as their roof. Stunning !!

Credit: Courtesy of IBUKU

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